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The most powerful traceability solution on the market "RFID USEM"

GROUPE USEM offers equipment incorporating RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) printing / encoding, reading up to allow you to identify and read remotely, the ID tags of objects or people. The data can then be processed by the information system of your company.

The technology "RFID USEM" is based on two key elements: the tag "RFID USEM" and the fixed or mobile reader. There are 2 types of tags, "RFID USEM" is active (battery powered tags) or passive (unpowered). Active tags can achieve larger reading distances.

Compared to traditional identification technologies, "RFID USEM" optimizes your reads and allows you to :

  • A storage capacity exceeding that of a bar code
  • A remote reading and contactless
  • A simultaneous reading of multiple tags
  • Having a tag format for the media and the environment
  • Depending on your hardware, can GROUPS USEM upgrading your equipment to make it compatible RFID.

Examples of features using RFID:

  • Playing badges
  • Contactless Payment Solutions (NFC)
  • Management of inputs and outputs parking
  • Traceability of products on a production line
  • fastest inventories.

Online Fabrics - Clothing & Furniture

USEM Group offers a wide selection of fabrics online easily achieve with free delivery all your clothes, create accessories, bags and all your creative projects and furniture. We have selected the best designer fabrics and quality of cotton basics. All our fabrics are sold by the meter with a minimum cut of 50 centimeters in one piece.